Beat Maker – Make Hip Hop, Rap and Techno Beats on Your Computer

Looking for a sweet beat maker?  Get ready to start bobbing your head.  (listen to the YouTube video below while you read this page.)  Yeah.  Look.  Do you have a love for music?  How about killer rap or techno beats?  Have you always wanted to be able to create music just never had the time or money to do so? Maybe you never learned how to play an instrument but yet still have the desire to make some great music. For those of you who just love music, have you ever thought about using beat makers to make some great sounding music?  Well you should have.

It doesn’t matter if you are all about rap beats, techno beats, or you bob your head to Beethoven’s 5th.  The thing about music is that when the right chord, melody, or beat strikes you, it changes everything. Worries fade.  Stress disappears.  You get caught up in the moment.  You soak it all in.  For a moment, even a brief moment, all life stresses, worries, and fears seem to fade away.

But what if... what if you could create your own killer beats using a beat maker that got all of your friends heads bobbing?  What if you could quickly and easily create hop hop or techno tracks that just blew people away?  Well my friend, you’re just moments away…

The days have long passed when one will need to spend an arm and leg to step into a recording studio in order to make some quality sounding music. Beat makers have become more and more popular in the last decade and as the technology continues to increase so will the use of a beatmaker.  So, what is a beat maker and what is the hype all about?  Well for one, what if you had easy-to-use software for your computer to quickly bang out beats like this…

What is a beat maker?

Beat makers today come in software that one can use to turn their home into a recording studio.  There is no longer the need to purchase very expensive equipment or spend years learning how to play an instrument. All you need is a computer, great software, such as Beat Generals, as well as little creativity. The style of music that you choose to make is really up to you. With some of the software that is out there to help you, one can create some amazing music.

Beat makers are designed to be used for both the professional as well as the novice. So even if you have never made a beat in your life there is no need worry. Beat making is fun and with a little practice one can be on the way to creating some of the sickest beats.  The great thing about beat makers is that they are very easy to use and they often come with many different samples and instruments that one can use. There really are just a few things that one needs to know when it comes to beat making. After that , you can experiment on your own.  With a little practice you will be the envy of your friends and family.

beat maker machine

What to look for in a beat making software

When it comes to finding the best beat making software always make sure that the beat maker has 16 tracks. This is really a must for anyone who wants the music they create to sound amazing. By having 16 tracks on a beat making software this will allow you to use 8 tracks for the drum beats. We all know that having drum beats are needed and in a sense they are the meat and potatoes of any good song.

Use the remaining 8 tracks however you see fit, since most beats makers will come with a variety of samples. There are usually tons of samples to choose from and a plethora of musical instruments that you can use to create your masterpiece. The vocals would be a separate track as well. For those that are advanced pro’s and need more than 16 tracks, they do make some amazing beat makers that offer 32 tracks as well. 32 tracks is often too much for the novice user.

So take your time and do some shopping around and never settle for a beat maker that only has 8 tracks. You will soon regret it.

Also make sure that the beatmaker allows you to the option to export your songs via an MP3 file. Today, as we all know this is pretty much the standard format. Some of the beat making programs that are out there today will also offer the ability to export your files by using a WAV file. This is also okay, however just keep in mind the end goal when it comes what you plan to do with your music.

beat maker softwareThe MP3 option is usually the way to go as this will allow you to easily convert your music into the medium that you want. After all what is the point of making some sick beats if no one can hear them? If you plan on breaking into the music industry and having music executives busting down your door, always make sure that the beat making program you choose has the Mp3 option as well as a WAV export. One of the best beat making products on the market today is Beat Generals and they do allow the export option of Mp3 files.

Sound quality is of course an important factor when looking at different beat making programs. There is no question about it, you will want the sound to sound like you have just stepped out of a recording studio. All the samples and instruments that are used in the beats maker programs should have professional sound quality and should have been recorded in a professional recording studio. You do not want to spend hours slaving over your masterpiece only to have the quality sound like you recorded your beats underwater.

The sounds that are included in beat makers need to be top notch. There is no point in spending money on a product that has a horrible choice when it comes to a sound library. How will you be able to create the beats you have dreamed of if your choices are limited. Can you play a guitar without any strings? Of course you cannot and this is the same when it comes to a beat maker. It should include a wide selection of choices, samples, instruments and options to help ensure that you are creating the best possible sound.

Since there are many different choices on the market today when it comes to beat makers, how do you choose the right one? Think of buying beats makers the same as you would anything else. How do you find the best value? You often spend some time doing some research and finding the best value for your money. You can spend time reading the reviews online or trying out free demos that are sometimes offered for different beat making programs. Ask your friends what they have used and be a smart and savvy consumer. Look to make sure that beat making program was recorded in a real professional recording studio.

Are all beat makers the same?

best beat makerAre you reading this with your feet instead of your eyeballs?  HECK NO.  There are two main types of beat makers. One is a browser based program that you can do without having to download any software. The other is the choice that more people go with and that is of beat maker software. The browser based options are good if you want to get your feet wet and experiment a little with making some music. However, the sound quality is often very poor and the options that come with the browser based programs are very limited. These browser based programs are often not able to be used for anything serious when it comes to making music.

Many people who take music more serious will look for a professional beatmaker. These programs are designed to allow people to make beats and to make music that sounds like one has just walked out of a professional recording studio.  The question that you probably have right now is how much does a great beat maker software cost. That is the amazing thing. Most of the times a professional beat making software will cost less than going out to dinner. That is right, you can get professional sounding music for your computer without having to spend an outrageous fortune.  So your dreams of finally learning how to make some sick music are within your reach.

Stop wishing you could make some music and actually start doing so. These beat maker programs are designed to be easy to use, not mention they are very fun.  Don’t worry about the learning curve, most people who use beat makers say that they pick it up really fast. There is one thing that you should be concerned with and that is the fact that once use beat makers, you may have a very hard time stopping. Let your creative flow and enjoy the amazing sound that beat making can bring. Get creative, have fun and impress your friends and family.

Life is short and there is no better time than the present to start experiencing how fun beat makers can be.  The hype around beat makers is here to stay and that is due to the fact that with the right beat making software you can create professional and high quality music from your home. Heck yeah, dreams can come true.